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That Look…

               It’s one of the many things we as men find irresistibly attractive:  that look.  The one that says come worship your goddess.  It was the look she had when I returned home from the grocery store as she positioned herself upon my desk legs sprawled out and her hand spreading the lips of herContinue reading “That Look…”


Once he’d gotten settled back home again after his Cancun trip, he was ready to return to work again. He was well rested and definitely relaxed after his escapades with the Doggy girl the entire two weeks of his vacation. She did things to him that were unimaginable. He was excited to get off fromContinue reading “Cowgirl”

Pretty Hot and Tempting

Pretty hot and tempting Thick, luscious and juicy So many curves To grab, grope and to hold To caress, to lick and to suck Delectable ass and thighs Plumpness abounds Squeezable hips Your shorts adorn my dinner …for tonight Gawking at where your succulent thighs meet your scrumptious ass… I hunger to taste your …vanillaContinue reading “Pretty Hot and Tempting”

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